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In this video you will learn:

  1. How to explain criticism in clear, objective, non-judgemental language. In this session I’m going to show you (using an iceberg!) how to explain criticism so that your staff member finds it easy to understand and accept and you find it easy to deliver. I’ll show you how, using my method, you can address even the most challenging of performance issues such as ‘lack of commitment’ ‘arrogance’ ‘lack of interest’ ‘laziness’ so that – for you – no performance issue will be too difficult to address
  2. How to define and explain results and consequences. Results and consequences help your staff member to clearly see the need for change and improvement. Using a whole range of examples I’ll show you how to identify and explain results and consequences and how to use these to persuade your staff member to make a change – a change that leads to improvement
  3. How to have a performance improvement discussion. In this session I take you through, step by step, how to have a discussion with your staff member where you give the criticism, gain their agreement and offer your support. I’ll demonstrate to you how the conversation would work and what you might say. Of course, even the best delivered criticism sometimes results in a negative response and I will explore the type of reactions and responses you may get and how to deal with effectively those. I’ll also explain the ‘backstop position’ – the failsafe option when all else fails!



Downloadable Workbook – including summary of Video content and exercises

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