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In this video you will learn:

  1. How to monitor your staff’s performance. In this session I will show you a range of ways that you can monitor and measure your staff’s performance without them feeling ‘micro-managed’. I’ll show you how to involve your staff member in monitoring their own performance (and I’ll explain why this is such a good idea) and I’ll share with you a simple monitoring plan system plus a simple way of recording the ‘unplannable’. They say ‘what gets measured, gets done’ and this session is all about how to measure by monitoring
  2. How to prepare for a performance review meeting. In this session I will show you, using great templates that you can cut and paste and use immediately, how you and your staff member can prepare for performance review meeting so that you’ve got everything in place to make the meeting energetic, collaborative and highly motivational
  3. How to hold a motivational performance review meeting. Here I give you an agenda to use and a range of ideas for how to use the agenda so that you can ensure the meeting is highly motivational and leads to improved performance. I’ll also show you how to deal with any disagreements and difficulties so that you can approach the meeting with complete confidence



Downloadable Workbook – including summary of Video content and exercises

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