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In this video you will learn:

  1. How to get crystal clear on what you want from your staff In this brilliant, easy to follow exercise we’ll identify what’s important to you, your team, your business so that you can concentrate on specific areas for really improving staff performance
  2. How to describe to your staff exactly what you want from them using performance objectives Using step by step exercises (with loads of examples) I’ll show you easy ways to write objectives so that you’ve got exactly what you need to improve performance by over 30% (and I’ll show you how to access my brilliant bonus e-book that will give you more than a hundred performance objectives already written for you!)
  3. How to gain your staff’s commitment and agreement to meeting the objectives I’m going to show you a three step approach for communicating objectives to your staff (and working with them to write objectives) so that you win their total commitment to achieving the objectives This approach is an excellent communication tool that you can use for any situation where you need to communicate with your staff – you’ll be able to use it again and again!



Downloadable Workbook – including summary of Video content and exercises

Downloadable E-book ‘The Managers Toolkit – 176 Behavioural Performance Objectives’ an invaluable resource of 176 behavioural performance descriptions that managers can copy, edit, revise, correct and adapt to their business and to the people they are managing.

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