The quick, easy and (very) cost effective way of learning new management skills Do you want to learn some new management skills? How about learning how to delegate? Or how to take your performance appraisal meetings from mundane to motivational? What about learning some new management skills for improving employee job satisfaction (without using money!)? […]

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Of course it is important that we prepare thoroughly for performance appraisal meetings (what does it say to our employee if we don’t’?). The part of the appraisal meeting that most managers find needs most preparation is the review of the employee’s performance   Here are 10 quick management tips for preparing to for the […]

  So, you are coming to the end of the performance appraisal meeting. Things have gone well. How do you now review and close the meeting in a way that leaves the employee feeling satisfied and motivated? In my blog ‘Performance Appraisal: 3 Steps to a Motivational Meeting’ I talk about ways to ensure your […]

  There is always a ‘practical’ element to preparing for a performance appraisal meeting, and it’s surprising how easy it is to make a mess of this part of the prep. For example have you ever had a performance appraisal meeting in a crowded, noisy bar? (I have!) Or have you ever been told that […]

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Many business owners, managers, team leaders and supervisors I work with seem to have a real knack for making their performance appraisal meetings suck. They don’t mean to do this (well most don’t) but they often tell me they just can’t make these meetings work. When I ask them to talk me through how they […]

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Motivational performance appraisal meetings Many of the business owners, managers, team leaders and supervisors I work with struggle with how to ensure that the performance appraisal or review meetings they undertake are motivational for the employee (rather than the ‘box ticking exercise’ that some people experience). A simple approach is to craft the performance appaisal […]

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