In my blog ‘Want to skyrocket your confidence? Then stop trying to be perfect!’ I explained that a key management skill is building your management  confidence But why is management confidence so important? Recently when I was talking to someone about management confidence they asked "What difference does confidence make to business performance?" Good question. […]

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Motivational performance appraisal meetings Many of the business owners, managers, team leaders and supervisors I work with struggle with how to ensure that the performance appraisal or review meetings they undertake are motivational for the employee (rather than the ‘box ticking exercise’ that some people experience). A simple approach is to craft the performance appaisal […]

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Performance Management – Have you ever found yourself thinking: “I guess I really should focus more on managing my employees, because I know there are some areas of their performance that needs improving. But there are so many other things I need to do it just doesn’t make it as a high priority.” “I need to […]

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