Management Skills: Creating Employee Engagement with Meaningful Work


In an excellent NT Times article ‘Do Happier People Work Harder?‘ the authors Teresa Amabile, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Steven Kramer point out that Gallup research suggests that employee disengagement in America costs $300 billion in lost productivity annually. They go on to say that ‘of all the events that engage people at work, the single most important – by far – is simply making progress in meaningful work’

So what is meaningful work?

There is a well known story about three men found smashing boulders with hammers. When asked what they are doing the first replies ‘breaking big rocks into little rocks’ the second replies ‘working to feed my family’ the third ‘building a cathedral’

Clearly not all of us in business are involved in building cathedrals. Very few of us are involved in the type of meaningful work that results in lives being saved, poverty being eradicated, or in changing the world. But all of us are (I hope!) involved in work that is meaningful to our businesses or organisations

The question for managers is

Do your staff understand how meaningful their work really is?

In my blog ‘Helping Employees to Understand the Bigger Picture’ I explain that you can help employees see the meaning of their work by helping them answer the questions

 ‘why am I doing this?’

‘how does my work help our business be successful?’

The idea here is that by answering those questions the employee sees how their work is meaningful – to the success of the business

Read how to answer those questions and how to explain the meaningfulness of your employee’s work here

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