Management Courses: What’s New?


management coursesManagement Courses: What do you think?

Management Courses’. What springs to your mind when you hear that phrase? Is it:
An opportunity to learn new management skills in a supportive environment
A great idea, but who’s got the time – or the money?
Didn’t we use to make our managers go on those – once upon a time?
Management courses? What’s that?
Great! An opportunity to drink my own body weight in beer in the delegate’s bar!
Someone recently asked me why I’d developed my online management training program the ’10 Minute Management Toolkit’. Here’s why 

Management Courses: Here’s something new

In short I wanted to provide a new type of management courses. I wanted to find a new way to help managers learn how to improve the way they motivate their staff to high performance. I wanted managers to get the help they need to build their management skills and confidence: 
Quickly.  You can get the management courses today, now, within the next 5 minutes (it’s all online)
Easily. The management courses are full of practical, proven,  ‘step by step’ easy to follow tools and techniques that you can apply today
10 Minutes at a time. Who’s got longer? Each session in the videos takes around 10 minutes to complete
Without having to leave the comfort of your own office / desk /sofa!
Why not take a look? You can access sessions – for free!here

But what if I’ve got questions?

If you watch my videos and you’ve got a question you can simply email me and I’ll answer. If you want some more in depth help around your specific situation then email me and we’ll talk about how I can help – coaching, advice, whatever you need and whatever suits your budget

Management Courses: A Trainers Resource

OK, so you’re not a manager. You are a Learning or Training professional looking for a fast, flexible, cost effective and time effective way of equipping managers with the tools and techniques they need for motivating their staff to high performance (without sending them away from their desks!)
This is how one of my clients describes using the 10 Minute Management Toolkit; ‘It’s like having a trainer in a box. A really simple, useful training resource’
There are a number of ways to use the videos:
In your in-house training (read more at ‘Using Video In Your In – House Training’)
As part of your management coaching (read more at ‘Using Video In Your Management Coaching’)  
As part of your blended learning solutions (read more at ‘Using Video In Your Blended Learning Solutions‘)
For self managed learning (read more at ‘Why Use Videos for Self Managed Learning?’)
Why not take a look? You can access sessions – for free!here
And there are a number of ways you and / or your managers can access the videos:
In DVD format
Immediate online access
Multiple user access
License for use in your intranet 
Read more about the videos and the access options here or contact me for more details!

Summary: Management Courses, Ready for Something New?

We know that effectively managing our employee’s performance and job satisfaction results in improvements to employee performance and job satisfaction. The aim of the 10 Minute Management Toolkit Videos is simply to help managers to quickly and easily learn a range of proven, practical tools and techniques for building their management competence – and confidence     



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