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I want to show you how I can help you can get the tools and techniques you need to boost employee performance and how I can coach you – step by step – through my 3 step system for motivating your staff to high performance. I’ve got a whole bunch of brilliant bonuses for you, and a time limited special offer.
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Introducing my all new ‘Boost Your Employee’s Performance Program’ where I will be coaching You on how to:
  • Boost your employee’s performance and job satisfaction
  •  Consistently get the results you want and need from your employees                                 
  •  Build your management skills and confidence

Your business can be more productive and more profitable


You can stop wasting your time rectifying errors, dealing with customer complaints, doing the work your employees should be doing


You can stop making life hard for yourself by trying to make it up as you go along, putting effort into managing your employees performance and getting no reward, beating yourself up for not managing effectively, making mistakes


You become a highly successful manager, you enjoy managing your employees more, and your employees enjoy work more!



Excellent content, real depth with very specific examples. Wonderful presentation style. I am using the tools and techniques taught in the videos and getting some great results – particularly with the staff member who needs to improve their performance. I’d highly recommend the 10 Minute Management Toolkit to business owners and managers.

FM, Miami, FL, April 2010

Join this exciting program and let me coach you in how to learn and apply my proven, practical three step system for boosting employee performance. The program includes;
1. Online video training with my ’10 Minute Management Toolkit’ where you learn the 3 step system and all the tools you need for motivating your employees to high performance including:
Research tells us that having clear objectives with effective measures can improve performance by over 30%. In this video I’m going to share with you a step by step process for writing clear objectives (and in video two I’ll show you how to measure them!) 
In three, bite-sized, 10 minute sessions, you will discover:
1. How to get crystal clear on what you want from your staff.
In this ‘back to basics’ exercise I take you through a series of questions designed to help you identify the areas of your staff’s performance where getting clearer about what you need will get you great results.
It’s all about identifying what’s important to you and your business so that you can concentrate on specific areas for improving staff performance.      
2. How to describe to your staff exactly what you want from them using performance objectives.
In this session we’ll look at the three questions to ask in order to write clear ‘firm’ objectives (those objectives related to the quality, quantity and time elements of the job).
We are then going to look at four ways to write ‘soft’ objectives for those tricky areas like ‘team working’ ‘being open to change’ ‘solution focused’ – all the good things we need from our staff but find hard to describe.
3. How to gain your staff’s commitment and agreement to meeting the objectives.
Very few business owners want to go stomping around imposing objectives on their staff – telling them what to do and how to do it. In this session I’m going to show you a three step approach for communicating objectives to your staff in a way that gains commitment and agreement to meeting the objectives.
This approach is an excellent communication tool that you can use for any situation where you need to communicate with your staff and you’ll be able to use it again and again!             
Having written and agreed the performance objectives, we need to ensure we can measure and monitor actual performance in order to give our staff the feedback they want and need – the type of feedback that leads to improved performance and staff satisfaction
In three, easy to understand 10 minute sessions, you will learn:
1. How to monitor your staff’s performance.
In this session I will show you a range of ways that you can monitor and measure your staff’s performance without them feeling ‘micro-managed’.
I’ll show you how to involve your staff member in monitoring their own performance (and I’ll explain why this is such a good idea) and I’ll share with you a simple monitoring plan system plus a simple way of recording the ‘unplannable’.
They say ‘what gets measured, gets done’ and this session is all about how to measure by monitoring.
2. How to prepare for a performance review meeting.
Research tells us again and again that our staff members want more regular feedback on their performance.
A performance review meeting is a great vehicle for giving them that feedback, and much more.
In this session I will show you, step by step, how to prepare for a highly motivational performance review meeting and how to help your staff member to prepare (with a great template you can ‘cut and paste’).
3. How to hold a motivational performance review meeting.
Here I give you an agenda to use and a range of ideas for how to use the agenda to ensure the meeting is highly motivational and leads to improved performance. I also show you how to deal with any disagreements and difficulties.
In this video we’re going to explore how to motivate your staff to improve their performance by giving them positive criticism. Now I know you don’t often hear the two concepts of motivation and criticism sitting together, in fact they sound like a contradiction, so let me explain the connection.
By giving criticism we are aiming to motivate our staff member to make a change, a change that results in an improvement. This might be a change to what they do, related for example to the accuracy or the quality of their work, or to the way they work – their behaviours. It’s about motivating your staff to make a change in order to improve their performance
In three, easy to follow 10 minute sessions, you will find out:
1. How to explain criticism in clear, objective, non-judgemental language.
In this session I’m going to demonstrate to you (using an iceberg!) how to explain criticism in a way that is easy for your staff member to understand and accept. I’ll show you how, using my method, you can address even the most challenging of performance issues such as ‘lack of commitment’ ‘arrogance’ ‘lack of interest’ ‘laziness’ in a way that your staff member finds easy to understand and easy to accept.
2. How to define and explaining results and consequences
Results and consequences help your staff member to clearly see the need for change and improvement. Using a whole range of examples I’ll show you how to identify and explain results and consequences and how to use these to persuade your staff member to make a change – a change that leads to improvement.
3. How to have a performance improvement discussion
In this session I take you through, step by step, how to have a discussion with your staff member where you give the criticism, gain their agreement and offer your support. I’ll demonstrate to you how the conversation would work and what you might say.
Of course, even the best delivered criticism sometimes results in a negative response and I will explore the type of reactions and responses you may get and how to deal with effectively those. I’ll also explain the ‘backstop position’ – the failsafe option when all else fails!
My 3 step system provides you with a well researched, structured management process that you can use again and again to consistently and effectively manage and boost employee performance
My videos provide training – they include exercises and examples not just information (and there’s a big difference between getting information and getting an education!) 
*in the videos I talk about ‘staff members’ rather than ‘employees’ – be assured, it means exactly the same thing!! 








I wanted to thank you for the excellent results (plus added bonus!) we’ve achieved from using your 10 Minute Management Toolkit and especially ‘Motivating your staff to improve their performance with positive criticism’. The method worked extremely well and the examples you provided in the video were invaluable.
E. Ostrynska, London, UK, May 2010















Each video has an introduction section where you can download a fully comprehensive workbook including the content from the video and the exercises. No need to take notes – it’s all there for you!
You will also receive a copy of my e-book ‘The Managers Toolkit – 176 Behavioural Performance Objectives, and How to Use Them’ A gold mine of information, this book gives you a whole range of behavioral performance descriptions – generic descriptions of effective behaviors – for you to use with your staff in order to improve their performance (you’ll learn about why these behavioral objectives are so important in the Step One video). 








‘This is a great tool – easy to understand, easy to use and practical. We need to get better at describing what we are looking for from our employees – you can rummage around in this book and find a whole range of excellent descriptions written in clear action focused language. Highly recommended’.

Sean Kirk, Wigan, UK, August 2010
‘I’m always looking for tools to help managers’ build their competence and confidence in writing objectives, particularly with writing objectives that bring about changes to behaviours. Having some good examples and a step-by-step process to follow means that it is clear and simple to use. A small book that is a great resource’.

Brian Chapman, UK, October 2010


2. Three x 20 minute one to one sessions where I coach you on how to address your specific challenges around managing your employee’s performance and motivation

I want to support you in making this system work for YOU. In three x 20 minute telephone coaching sessions we will focus on YOU and YOUR specific challenges around each of the three steps in the system.
Here you will get:
checkmark Your questions answered
checkmark Advice on how to make the system work specifically for you
checkmark Support
checkmark Encouragement
checkmark Motivation
checkmark Additional tools and techniques


If you do not already have a performance appraisal or review system, I will provide you with the templates and coach you in creating a system specifically tailored to your business!
3. Three Months Free Membership of my MasterclassGroup
Each month you’ll receive a monthly resource pack written specifically for you. Here I will be sharing ideas and insights, posting links to audios – including my ’10 Minute Masterclass’ audio series and new videos. An invaluable, ongoing source of support, encouragement and guidance in how to motivate your staff to high performance, and more.
How do you know if this program is for you?
1. If your employees are highly motivated high performers who give you exactly and consistently what you need – then this program is probably not for you. This program not about how to motivate high performers to even higher performance (I do know how to do that – but this is not the focus of this program)
Put simply, this program is for business owners who:
  • Recognise that there is room for improvement in their employees performance and
  • Want to take action to bring about that improvement
2.  If you want very sophisticated, MBA/Business School type theories and you love management jargon this program isn’t for you. I do use research but I’ll only share it with you when I can demonstrate its practical application. And this program is about the practical –no nonsense, easy to understand and easy to learn strategies that get results(and it’s as jargon free as humanly possible!)
3. If you believe:
  • It’s time to invest in boosting employee performance
  • It’s time to invest in yourself by developing your employee management skills and systems
Then this program is definitely for you  
Sounds great so what’s my investment?
Let’s break down what you’re getting here:
1. Immediate access to the 10 Minute Management Toolkit management training video series. Three videos with three easy to digest, 10 minute long sessions which take you through the whole of my system for motivating your staff to high performance. I’ve spent the last 15 years pulling together the very best tools and techniques for managing and motivating staff to high performance and have shared these tools with hundreds of business owners, managers, team leaders and supervisors. These tools work!!
Also you can watch these videos:
  • where you want
  • when you want 
  • at the pace you want
  • as many times as you want

For you to attend an average management training course would cost you at least 2 days of your time away from your business and at least $1500 of your money.   

2. One hour of individual laser coaching. The cost of a 60 minute coaching session with me would be $600       
3.  Three months free membership of my Masterclass Group including free videos, audios and insights. Membership of my Masterclass Group will cost $67 each month = $201   
So that’s a total of around $2301 to buy a similar coaching programme.
And your investment in this program? The programme cost is $997. For the first 20 people who sign up I am offering the whole programme for just $697.  Why? Because:
  • The videos are already made. This means I don’t need to be with you in person, or to travel to your premises in order to share with you these invaluable tools and techniques
  • This is a new program. I know it’s going to be hugely successful for you and I know you’ll want to give me some great testimonials. As a business owner you know the value of testimonials and you know it’s worth me offering this discount price in order to get those testimonials!
  • Because I genuinely want to work with you to help you:
  • Improve your staff’s performance and job satisfaction
  • Consistently get the results you want and need from your employees
  • Build your management skills and confidence
And I don’t want anything to stand in the way of me doing that.
And in case you have any doubts at all here’s something special. 
Satisfaction guaranteed!!
Once you place your order you will have immediate access to the 10 minute management toolkit videos.
If for any reason you find the videos do not meet your needs simply email me within 30 days and your money will be refunded, no questions asked.
 Now simply click on the button below and let’s get started on working together to Boost your Employee’s Performance




Any questions? Contact us at

Looking forward to working with you!

Best wishes,



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