I really like products designed specifically to save time and effort (who doesn’t?) and templates that you can take and use immediately are often a great resource What looks particularly good about this ‘Project Management Templates’ product is that, along with the templates, you get step by step guides and examples The testimonials on the […]

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I guess it’s always been true that employees ‘sell their labour but volunteer their commitment’ and I’m sure it’s never been truer than with those highly talented, highly sought after ‘Gen Y’ employees.  Peter Drucker says that we have to ‘accept the fact that we need to treat almost everybody as a volunteer’. Whilst I’m […]

  In an excellent NT Times article ‘Do Happier People Work Harder?‘ the authors Teresa Amabile, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Steven Kramer point out that Gallup research suggests that employee disengagement in America costs $300 billion in lost productivity annually. They go on to say that ‘of all the events that engage […]

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I’ve made a lot of powerpoint presentations. Not all of them were good. I’ve always struggled to make the visuals work and, specifically, to use visuals to explain my points and persuade my audience  I’ve come across a simple, reasonably priced e-book that I think could help make visual presentations much more effective called ‘Visual […]

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Is it time to polish up your listening skills? In my blog ‘Are You Asking Your Employees Enough Questions?’  I gave examples of a whole range of questions that you could ask your employees in order for them to feel valued and validated – in short, to answer the question ‘do you hear me?’      […]

In his article ‘A Generation Y Perspective on Performance Reviews’ Kyle Lagunas – HR Analyst at Software Advice – gives some great insights into his (and presumably other Generation Y) expectations of, and frustrations with, Performance Reviews. In this article I’ve taken some of Kyle’s key points and with some comments of my own on […]

Giving constructive criticism to our employees in order to improve their performance is never easy     What it is, though, is absolutely crucial – to the business, to the team, to you and (most importantly) to the employee.  Here are my 10 quick management tips for giving constructive criticism (with plenty of additional resources […]

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