‘… I was much too far out all my life, and not waving but drowning’ (Stevie Smith) In the last 15 years of working with people at all levels within organisations and in a whole range of industries I’ve met many people ‘not waving but drowning’ Some of these people are drowning in a sea […]

  I was talking with a client last week who was absolutely fuming about the way her manager had given some performance feedback to her and her colleagues. In short, the manager had called together everyone who worked for her and told them that they needed to ‘get to grips with the new XY system […]

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Employee Job Satisfaction – The Conversation Challenge! Having a conversation with our employees about how to maintain or improve their job satisfaction is one of the most effective ways of achieving higher levels of employee motivation and performance. Some business owners and managers though are afraid to hold these conversations in case they result in […]

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