In this short video excerpt from my 10 Minute Management Toolkit video ‘Motivating Your Staff by Monitoring and Reviewing Performance’ I share my 5 top tips for making your performance appraisal or review meetings really motivational for your employees (and more effective for you) I explain why you need to: 1.    Take your time 2.    Listen […]

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We know from research that showing a high level of interest and concern for our employee results in higher levels of motivation and performance. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to have a conversation specifically about how to maintain or improve the employee’s current level of job satisfaction. After all, who […]

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We know from research that employees want to ‘connect their efforts to the mission and purpose of your business’. In short, I guess, they want an answer to the question – ‘why am I doing this?’ The mistake I see business owners and managers making is assuming that the answer to that question is obvious. […]

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Employee Satisfaction: 4 Ways to Delight Your Employees Most of the business owners and managers I work with genuinely want their employees to be happy at work, to have a high level of satisfaction. Why wouldn’t they? (For one thing, happy employees are always far more productive than unhappy employees!). What many business owners and […]

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    How to Help your Employee Prepare for the Performance Review or Appraisal Meeting   I’m often asked by business owners and managers how they can make their performance review or appraisal meetings more of a two-way discussion – how they can encourage their employee’s to be more fully part of the meeting. In […]

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Congratulations on being promoted to your new management role! Did you have a party? Have you settled into your new desk yet? Did you decide what to do with your pay rise? And are you wondering ‘what now?’ I remember well my first promotion to manager. Maybe my experience is something like yours? Here’s how […]

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  Business owners and managers often ask me what the easiest way is to improve their employee’s job satisfaction. Research tells us that the relationship your employee has with you, their manager, has a profound effect on their satisfaction at work. Experience would tell most of us that how we feel about our manager, and […]

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Performance Management – By Numbers When I was first a manager (think Ice Age) I focused most of my ‘managerial attention’ on the ‘numbers’ part of my employee’s performance. So I set objectives for producing the right amount of work on time, meeting a deadline, achieving the % increase in sales or the $ of […]

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Performance Management and Managing Change Have your expectations of your employees changed recently? Do you need something different from them? Do they know what this ‘different’ is?  What we want as managers can change on a regular basis. These changes come about when: the needs of the business change, the customer requirements change or the […]

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